Monday, June 13, 2016

Final Reflections

      I found out that I'm more creative than I thought, I found odd angles to take pictures with and it turned out good.  My challenged this semester was taking good photos while worrying about other classes, I was swamped with homework from other classes.  I think my best work was my macros pictures from photo 1 because it was pretty detailed.  I would re-do the Shadow Play project because I know I could have made it way better but I didn't have the time.  When photographing in the future, I will keep in mind the positioning of the subject and how much light there is.

        Light to photography is like this, when you tell a story, there is always more than 1 side. If there is no light in a picture, then you can only see 1 side of the story.My favorite time to photograph is when the sunsets because it gives off a warm vibe.  To make a good photograph, one must put their soul into their pictures.  Since everyone is different, every photo has to be unique in it's own way. A good photograph consists leading lines so the viewer can focus on something, good exposure so the image can look brighter, and creativity has to be noticed when looking at the photo.